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Nanjing housing rental policy, 'the new recruit' rent the apartment how sustainable development?

Date: 2019-09-26

The rental housing policy regulation has pulled open the curtain, the policy of nanjing "novelty", to a certain extent, improved the rent the apartment entry, standardizes the apartment sector development track.

Nearly a year, news about the rent the apartment we see an endless, most of them negative events.The industry has been regarded as a sunrise industry, time hangs over the thick clouds.According to the same policy institute statistics, from February 2017 to August 2019, has shut down more than 20 parents rent apartment brand, there are 13 this appeared the problem of capital chain rupture.At the same time, the rent to borrow, such as formaldehyde door chaos occur frequently.

Especially some big apartment brand BaoLei, which leads to many landlord and tenant suffer losses, seriously disturbed the normal order of the rental housing market.A series of BaoLei events to rent the apartment, and the effects of housing leasing industry is profound.Reflect is the most direct, relevant government departments for housing rental agencies increasingly strict supervision.Earlier savage growth, the lack of regulation or rent the apartment industry will usher in a more and more high threshold of policy.

Recently, the nanjing city housing and expeditious, jiangsu China silver circ regulatory authority, the people's bank of China nanjing branch business management department, nanjing local financial regulator four departments jointly issued "about further standard housing lease management behavior to prevent market of financial risk notice (hereinafter referred to as the" notice "), 12 items listed "notice" to strictly regulate the leasing market.Among them, the key to mention the content of the housing lease finance, as well as the "housing lease rent escrow system".

Why broke frequently rent the apartment?

As the people's livelihood industry, long rent apartment development affects hundreds of millions of leasing group housing life, once appear problem, will be extremely important.Throughout the beginning and end of the blowing up of the several apartment highly leveraged loans, abuse of rent, high to low, the lack of risk control, blindly expand to bring large amount of capital chain rupture in the vacancy and cause reasons emerged one after another.

In it, "financial leverage" is a core keywords.In fact, the original idea of the financial, there is no good and evil, the use of financial leverage can let enterprise more easily expand, but this development foundation is not solid.Rent the apartment once the excessive use of financial leverage and easy to deviate from the residential properties, and then turned into a fundraising tool.A bit careless, already fragile capital chain will collapse in an instant, BaoLei is just a matter of time.That to ignore the product for the benefit of one-sided pursuit of scale, quality and healthy operation, in the end all will become the biggest sources of enterprise itself.

In order to reduce the occurrence of such incidents, "notice" expressly forbidden flat organization and self-governance financial or work with a third party to do products, such as rent credit can be carried out only after approval.In addition, the new "housing lease rent escrow system" pushed up the cost of enterprise to enter the market threshold, designed to rent the apartment rental income enterprise more transparent, standard, to protect the security of the tenant's rent.But for the enterprise, the system will undoubtedly give enterprise capital operation is put forward severe challenges.Under policy regulation, long rent apartment how to sustainable development?

How long to rent the apartment health operations, sustainable development?

Past experience, if not forgotten, t.Any time, rent the apartment development focus should be on polishing products, customer service, as well as the ability to operate on the forging of.Don't forget to beginner's mind, the compliance management is the premise of all development pattern to continue.

Is also an enterprise started to rent apartment in nanjing, Mr Guest along the development of the apartment without stuttering scale expansion, no abuse of the rent credit predicament to the tenant, but insist on product first develop steadily, every step left footprints.On product positioning, the positioning youth apartment high-quality goods, advocate the life with love, for the tenant to build a community with temperature.To receive the apartment space design detail place, fresh air purification equipment, furniture of damping and noise reduction are reflected Mr Guest on the product.Butler service can bring more tenants in everyday life unexpected surprises and warmth.

More valuable is, the guest in explore the pattern of the development of the including marketing, joining, joint ventures, joint custody, 5 kinds of patterns such as consultants, can match a variety of types of property, the development space more flexible.